May, 2018

Back to theWild

This current series began at a crossing place. The paintings grow from the confluence of a good life that ended in grief, and a new uncertain one I’m constructing, mostly winging, as I move forward towards the end.

My work is always based in the wild. It comes out of my imagination and the ways I motivate the materials. It’s about the time of life on earth: from early Ordovician oceans, through the layers of rocks and fossils, to the current dysfunctional ecosystem we’ve managed to create during our march of folly. Non-linear, circular time. The past in the present.

The paintings are tethered to the landscape, place-based tradition my father and grandfather painted in. Literature, story, especially poetry are informant heart-strings. This is a personal mythology that’s driven by my love of, and place within the natural world, and my deep concern for its future.

My working process is a search, a daily reach towards progress. A shuffle, an excavation, and a strange hope.